We specialize in Rural and Acreage Properties

The Kamloops Luxury team knows all the ins and outs of Rural Real Estate in Kamloops and Surrounding Areas

Selling property out in the country is very different from selling a house or condo in a city. Depending on the market, the size of the property, the location and the price, selling a rural property can be a very complex process and it is extremely important you are working with someone that is experienced and knowledgeable in these types of properties.

The stress for a seller when selling rural property is often underestimated. Kamloops Luxury will take care of all of the little details (And trust me there are a ton of them). We will make sure that everything is in order before your property ever hits the market. Your home and property will have an entire file created for it, making it seamless and quick to provide ALL info to any interested parties. This along with a, unique to your property, marketing plan, a whole lot of contacts in the rural world and extensive knowledge in this specific type of Real Estate are why Kamloops Luxury is able to get your property sold quickly and without issues.<>

Luxury real estate should never be put in the same marketing category as your average home

Luxury real estate is extremely unique and therefore requires a unique approach to every aspect of the sale. For this reason, we have chosen to specialize specifically in the luxury market and the niche demographic that needs to be targeted for a successful sale.

Preview our 10 Point Marketing Plan to see how we can get your home sold quickly and for the highest price!

We will go above and beyond to truly get to know your home and the type of buyer that is best suited for it. We continually look for innovative ways to sell properties

In order to guarantee that we can provide an above and beyond experience for all the homeowners we work with, we never take on more than a handful of listings at a time. Unlike most realtors that take as many listings as they can get, we instead have chosen to focus on a smaller number of listings at a time to help get them sold as quickly as possible.

We look forward to working with each homeowner on a personalized level. Our clients are always my top priority and we mean it when we say that “We create clients to create clients!” Our business is built on referrals and that is made possible by giving 100% to each and every homeowner that we are lucky enough to work with.

We don’t just sell Luxury Listings

 The Luxury in our name is also for how we treat our clients! We are happy to apply our system to any listing big or small. Whether you have a multi million dollar mansion to sell, a modest apartment or anything in between, we will get it done quickly and for top dollar using our proven systems.