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The purpose of our is business is to create clients who create clients.

Our top priority is our client care. We promise to always go above and beyond to meet the clients’ needs in every way possible. We have created systems to provide the highest quality service to our clients throughout every step of the process

Cindy Burroughs

Cindy Burroughs

Tyson Storvold

Tyson Storvold

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“This past year we have been absolutely amazed by how many of our clients have gone out of their way to recommend our real estate services to one of their friends or family members just because they were happy with our services and sincerely wanted to help our business grow🥰! To us, a referral is the highest compliment and such a true act of kindness💕. To show our appreciation this coming year we want to pay the kindness forward! “

Starting immediately anyone who refers a friend or family member (or even a random stranger lol 😆) our way will be entered into a draw for $5000 cash! This draw will take place next December (because who doesn’t need some extra cash in December!!). This past year we received 11 referrals!!!, Just think how good your odds would be for the cash if you are entered into the draw this year! Even if this number doubled!💵💰 Don’t be shy! If you mentioned us to a friend or family member, get in contact and tell us about it so we can be sure you get entered as many times as possible!