10 Point

Marketing Plan

1. Social sites

We will have our marketing department get your listing onto all the mainstream social sites to be sure you are getting full exposure. This will include marketing targeted at the specific demographic that is most likely to purchase your home.

2. Websites

Your listing will be featured on the following websites:

  • www.kamloopsluxury.com
  • www.kamloopshousesearch.com

3. Consultation on how to best present your home

Sometimes it is hard to see your home from a buyers perspective. We will go through a thorough plan to help you present your home in the best way possible to a potential buyer. Sometimes even the simplest things are a huge difference!

4. Professional Photos and Video Tour of your Home

We always use a professional at our cost not yours, to do incredible photos of your home as well as a video tour to give the best first impression possible to potential buyers.

5. Multiple Service Listing

We do an agent open house for every listing if approved by our clients. This is a crucial tool in luxury real estate as the other realtors are direct access to your qualified buyer.

6. Customized Pricing Plan

This ensures that you will be happy with your sale price based on any situation that may arise. We believe in getting ahead of all possible scenarios to prevent any unwanted surprises.

7. Signage

Your for sale sign is an incredible tool for assisting in the sale of your home! Any time we can do additional signage we will. Large 4×8 signs will always be put on rural properties and on any residential properties where bylaws allow it. This allows your listing to maximize exposure. We enjoy getting creative with our for sale signs on properties, anything to grab a potential buyers attention.

8. Networking with realtors

We will send your homes brochure to other local realtors that work in related areas of the market to utilize their connections.

9. Local Online Listings

Your home listing will be published on all local selling site as well as any other area selling sites that may be appropriate

10. Continual and Active Marketing

We promise we will not stop or slow down marketing efforts until we find the right buyer and your home is sold!